Examples of our Law Firm services:

  1. The law firm which was the first in Poznan to carry out registration of share capital increase involving know-how.
  2. Successful negotiation of an eight-digit contract for the client – a building company of Poznan to participate in construction of Supreme Court building in Pl. Krasińskich, Warsaw.
  3. Appointment of the Head of the Law Firm to act as a liquidator in executive position for 6 companies and cooperatives.
  4. Efficient, problem-free registration of a few dozen limited liability companies in Registration Court with previous consultation on formation documents of those companies and advice on management of those entities.
  5. A record of 350 successful actions in court, and 80 settlements achieved.
  6. An award of PLN 1 million won for its Client in the Regional Court in Warsaw in an action against Reform Plaza sp. z o.o. in Warsaw (the suit filed by a building company in Poznan).

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